Thursday 27 February 2014

Credibilty Issues? Not This Blog

For years, I have been facing criticism that my blog isn't credible.  And for years, I've been answering as follows:

1) according to the polls I've read, all bloggers have credibility issues regardless of whether the authors are named or not.  Putting my name to the articles I write only detracts from the ideas that I am writing about.  By remaining unnamed, I give more focus to my words.   

2) I have a comments section on my blogs where I allow people to voice their dissenting opinions.  Few have ever challenged anything I have ever written.  I don't even rebut the comments posted.

3) and as much as I may have a credibility issue, my blogs are  better than what the public gets from the local paper.  Most people know that just because it is written with newsprint and ink, it doesn't make a story true. 

Here is an obvious case in point. 

On January 9th, 2014 I posted this blog:

I am a responsible author.  Before I wrote this blog posting, I confirmed certain things to verify the claim.  Most notably, I asked and received the incident number and the badge number of the York Region Police officer who took this report of the alleged threat. 

And despite having all of this information confirmed, the January 9th threat story was not picked up by the local papers.

But look how the local papers run front page stories about Stephen Somerville's allegations that his family was threatened.  If this "anonymous blogger can check sources, then surely the local papers could have at least pressed Stephen Somerville to produce an incident number and a York Regional Police officer badge number? 

Why do the local papers continue to fall well below the professional standards of so-called anonymous bloggers?   

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